Reviews: Silly Symphonies

Chicken Little - Extremely funny and awesome

One problem with old media is that the humor tends to be outdated. This Silly Symphonies short, on the other hand, contains humor that will still appeal to people today. Whether it's Chicken Little taking physical abuse, or the narrator comparing gossiping hens to human women, I thought this short was Clucking Funny.

Of course, the best thing about this short is the villain. If you think Evil Is Cool, then Foxy Loxy proves to be an extremely likable Big Bad who is not only charming and witty, but Dangerously Genre Savvy. True, he is a little similar to Wile E. Coyote, but he's still unique enough to not be annoying. And you know how, when you really like a villain, you kind of hope that they won't lose, though deep down you know they will? That's not the case with this guy! It's a shame that he isn't considered part of the official Disney Villains franchise, because he's easily comparable to villains like Scar and Ursula!

In short, this is a wonderful, fun-filled animated classic that is still very enjoyable today, especially for villain fans. Even if you prefer the good guys and think Foxy is despicable, you will still enjoy the birds' antics.