Reviews: Green Lantern The Animated Series

A Worthy Successor to the DCAU

I was about ready to brush off this series, dismissing it as simply a tie-in to the Live Action Film adaptation that bombed, with boring CGI graphics. To my surprise, what I actually got was a terrific love letter to the mythos of the source material, with engaging and surprisingly three-dimensional characters.

It's really the cast that drives this show, far more than the, admittedly, somewhat predictable plot. Hal Jordan is a Captain Kirk-esque leader who flies by the seat of his pants and often screws the rules to do what's right. However, where this might come off as brash and unlikeable in a main character, Hal's gut instinct and relentless determination to save the day often get the team out of as many scrapes as it gets them into. I used to not like Hal very much in the Green Lantern comics and adaptations because he's often written as just a boring character. Here he has a real personality and it's very clear why he's the one in charge.

Another point about the characters is the way GLTAS handles romance. In too many shows the characters are just kind of paired up without much further thought than to give the viewers a relationship to coo over. Razer and Aya's relationship, on the other hand, noticeable grows naturally out of both of their characterizations, and develops in a realistic manner. The show does a good job of showing, not telling, and it makes their relationship all the more interesting to watch as it grows. Hal and Carol's relationship is also a good example, in that they both behave like adults who realistically address the flaws in their romance without artificially-induced Drama Ball conflicts. Unfortunately, that's something all too rare in many stories, not just in cartoons and comics.

Finally, one complaint I repeatedly hear about this show is the art style. Admittedly, the lack of textures is still something that I dislike, but the terrific fight choreography, detail put into each character's expression, stance, body language, etc, and generally fantastic lighting effects make up for it.

This is a show with a great sense of humor, engaging characters, and is overall an absolute blast to watch. Absolutely recommended.