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There must've been a better way to close it out.

Ok, I have to be honest. I do in fact, like the newer Nostalgia Critic episodes and was glad when Doug Walker brought him back. I didn't even mind the fact that Demo Reel ended after five episodes since the last episode was still a good way to close the series. What DO I mind then?

The fact that Blue Patches wasn't what closed Demo Reel out. Instead we got The Review Must Go On, which had good acting, particularly from Doug, but also a clumsy way to bridge the two together, and just a downright mean spirited idea that everything Jimmy and his crew went through was all a ploy to make the Critic learn a lesson. A lesson which he never learned mind you!

I just...really? THIS was their best attempt? They couldn't have thought of a better way to bring back the Critic? Why did they even pull Demo Reel into this? The Walker Brothers could've easily brought the Critic back by having him review films in the plothole due to boredom. Or, maybe have him return to the real world since people kept making shitty movies without consequences.

But no, they instead decided to bring back the Critic all while essentially crapping over Demo Reel's lovable cast of characters.

And because they did do that, all of the character development, all the intense drama, all of the heart rending tearjerking moments that made Demo Reel a good show (IMO at least) are now meaningless and mount up to a huge waste of time!

So, Demo Reel used to be a good show and even though it was short lived, it could've ended on a happy note, until the Walker Brothers decided to come by and make the audience feel stupid for feeling sorry by making it all a punishment for the Critic.

I myself have an idea who's to blame for this but I don't wanna attract any flame wars here so I'll just say, "I hope you guys are happy that you got your precious Critic back".

1upmushroom, out.
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  • 2nd Mar 13
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Killed prematurely

While I am happy the Nostalgia Critic has returned, even making a review lauding "The Review Must Go On" I think he prematurely pulled the plug on Demo Reel. This is coming a guy who wasn't particularly impressed with it. Demo Reel was a show within a show/mockumentary about an ambitious aspiring director named Donny Dupre, and his "quirky" and longsuffering crew members who were tasked with remaking films a la Be Kind Rewind or Amanda Show's Block Blister. The real weakness of Demo Reel, in my opinion, was the comedy. The entire premise is fairly unoriginal and the delivery wasn't particularly better than what can be seen by college humor or smosh. What made the series appealing was the drama (ironically), looking at the characters and their various issues was the reason I kept looking back. If you look at some of the early Nostalgia Critics the episodes weren't always golden, yet he persevered and became the big name Internet Celebrity he is today. I think Demo Reel should have been treated the same way. It could have been a monthly special set in between the Bi-weekly Nostalgia Critic videos. Heck, maybe even quarterly so he's not overwhelmed.

A similar Replacement Scrappy effect happened to Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings in the Super Mario Bros franchise. Junior wasn't well received because the fandom thought he replaced the siblings. When introduced in a game together people warmed up to Bowser Jr. I would argue the same would have happened for Demo Reel, instead of replacing one for the other, make time for both.

Not that good (at least for me)

I don't like Demo Reel. The shtick it had with the movie parodies was tired and could only hold my attention for so long. yes, the character stuff was interesting but the premise wasn't strong enough to work. In the Nostalgia Critic, the character stuff works because the comedy and the review work, but Parodies aren't strong enough to support it.

however if you don't mind slogging through the parody, the characters are worth watching. The trouble is I can't suffer through the parody to see it.