Reviews Comments: Not that good (at least for me)

Not that good (at least for me)
I don't like Demo Reel. The shtick it had with the movie parodies was tired and could only hold my attention for so long. yes, the character stuff was interesting but the premise wasn't strong enough to work. In the Nostalgia Critic, the character stuff works because the comedy and the review work, but Parodies aren't strong enough to support it.

however if you don't mind slogging through the parody, the characters are worth watching. The trouble is I can't suffer through the parody to see it.


But the parodies were only in like the first two episodes? From then on it was recreating them in real life, like Lost In Translation or The Blair Witch Project.
comment #18179 emeriin 12th Feb 13
You posted this review twice.
comment #18180 Shota 12th Feb 13
@Shota I know but I don't know how to delete the review....
comment #18187 amanmangor15 13th Feb 13

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