Reviews: Twokinds

In a word: boring

I've read the entirety of Twokinds (mind you, much of it I read a couple years ago) and I'll tell you something, the most astonishing thing about this webcomic is that it goes so long with so little characterisation.

As of six days ago, Twokinds has been going on twelve years. Throughout those twelve years, the story has been told mostly from the perspective of our hero Trace.

I'd like to tell you that, as the main character of such a long-running series, he has had several story arcs dedicated to his self-discovery, his inner struggle and his character development. Oh, how I'd really like to tell you that.

Truth is, Trace has no personality. At all. Things happen to him, and he mainly doesn't react. His wife turns up (whom he doesn't remember because of his amnesia) and dies, and he doesn't even seem mildly upset.

Flora's personality is basically "Nya~". That's her whole personality.

As the two mains, they provide no driving force, some painfully obvious and boring ~drama~, and no characterisation whatsoever.

Keith and Natari, the two secondary/supporting characters, are vaguely more interesting and do actually have some character development somewhere in a thick haze of angst.

Never does Trace actively search out his past, never does he seem particularly concerned with what happened to him or how he came into being.

As a series on a whole, it pretends to try to explore race through allegory, but all mildly interesting ideas or plot points are dropped in favour of unfunny jokes and boring discussions about irrelevent things that ultimately goes nowhere.

Introducing element of slavery and racial tension using anthropomorphic wolves, tigers and dogs is daring, but it handled in such a lackluster and soulless way it's a wonder why the author even tried. Flora, the tiger-girl, has openly admitted she enjoyed her time as a slave, and her slave master has returned as a love interest. At one point, snow leopards are literally bred for prostitution/companionship and nobody comments on it's morally abhorrent nature.

I will say one good thing, though: The art definitely improves over the comic's run. It is now one of my favourite styles.

In summary: Not really worth your time. If you've read every other furry comic on the web, and are looking for a very bland but nice-looking comic, you can try Twokinds.


In ten words: It has potential, but the writing needs work. Really badly.

Two Kinds is potentially a good webcomic. Unfortunately, the writing is subpar. The writer needs to balance serious moments and comedy better. Some of the script can't have been thought out very carefully. I think that, were the writer to slow down and work out the kinks in the script, it could be a very good comic. Right now... the writing makes it very difficult to read.