Tropers / Tollymaen

Hey, I'm a 18-year-old enrolled at Norwich University. I don't do much, mostly just adding an example here and there, fixing grammer, etc. I plan to become a full contributor at some point.

I've got what is likely a strong case of undiagnosed ADD, which makes life... interesting at times. This, with other factors, makes me extremely prone to wikiwalking, even in my own thoughts...

I am a voracious reader. In high school, I read at a rate of a book per day, made possible by a possibly hereditary method of speed-reading. I love science fiction and fantasy, but I hate the covers that they put on those sort of books though. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a well-endowed library, nor the time to read as regularly, at the moment.

I'm a highly critical movie-watcher, with unreasonably high standards. As such, I'm not much of a movies person. However, I can (usually) see the good points of the movie I'm watching. (Not to mention the fun of watching through trope-vision goggles.)

I play videogames, mostly old games on emulators and indie games. On that note, I love roguelikes (mostly Stone Soup). I tend to enjoy difficult games.

I've created the section on OCTs, check it out.