Reviews: The Fancy Adventures Of Jack Cannon

Entertaining stuff!

I was led to this webcomic by its intriguing Project Wonderful ad. You really have to check something out when it's got a name like "The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon".

I wasn't disappointed.

This is a great webcomic. It feels just like one of those weekday afternoon Wake Up Go To School Save The World cartoons, only with more violence and swearing. What I found really refreshing about it was the lack of Fan Service - too many other of these types of webcomics (not going to mention any names) are stuffed with it to a really creepy degree.

Some of the early fight scenes may have you suspecting the main character of being Marty Stu, but, in my case at least, I felt there were enough scenes showing his flaws to rescue him from that slippery slope.

Probably the most amazing things about this webcomic are Max Facepuncher and Gavin - for completely different reasons.

I'm no expert on art, and can't draw anything myself, so I tend not to be very critical of anyone else's art, but for what it's worth, I think this comic's art is fun to look at and really stylish. Maybe a bit rough and funny-looking in places, but that's part of its charm.

The only criticism I can really level at this great strip is that maybe the plot moves a little too fast, and we need a few more (and longer) breathers between (awesome) fight scenes. Also it would be cool to see more of Angel and Cindy - I'm interested to see what roles they'll play in Jack's life.

The strip is in its early years (only been running since 2008), so now's a great time to get into it if you want to avoid excessive Archive Panic.

tl;dr: Highly recommended.