Reviews: Girls Of The Wild

Such wasted potential

Having followed along with this series, I'm someone who wouldn't recommend people to read it.

Girl's of the Wild is a tale of two halfs. Much of the first half is an underdog story that centers around the main character, Jae Gu, training himself up at Wild's High School to become a better fighter in order to make a better man out of himself after being bullied for many years...the second half is mostly just Love Triangle drama bs that went on for FAR too long. Obviously, the former was the much more interesting story.

Ending at 260 chapters, all I can say at this point is that there was so much wasted potential here. So many plot-lines left up in the air, like what happened to Jae Gu's mother, or what was the point of Queen's fiance. Interesting and fun characters like Go Seul and Moon Young being completely wasted. Almost everything about the martial-arts fighting tone that the first half of the story had being thrown out the window by the time the second half of the story comes around.

Honestly, the story pretty much ended after Jae Gu was able to get his bully, Han Gyul, to leave him alone. The story just kind of meandered around after that unable to decide what it wanted to be.