Reviews: Thunderf00t

A nice scientist with a really mean hook

I'll try to keep this short:

-Thunderf00t is a nice guy you should not anger (Thunderf00t may forgive you if you apologize, though his fanbase has other ideas)

-Thunderf00t makes interesting videos dealing with complex topics and doesn't hold back when it comes to criticising scientific or social issues and he really hates indoctrination and stupidity (as free speech is really dear to him)

-Thunderf00t made a discovery that can potentially safe the lives of millions of people

-Thunderf00t is One of Us

For the reasons outlined above, I like watching his videos and engaged in some discussion with him via comments. If you are polite, he's polite in return; if you are a jerk, he can be a jerk too. I like this stance.

What I like the most about him is that he defends his ideas, but can accept when he's wrong. He'll give a humble apology if it's warranted.

So in all, if you want a Youtuber who is polite when it's warranted, a jerk when understandable and can admit to be wrong, as well as is able to explain complex topics, I'd definitely recommend his videos.

The Atheist Emperor With No Clothes

Back around 2007 or 2008 or somewhere around then, I liked to argue with young-earth creationists. Since I wasn't, nor am I, a scientist or a science major, I relied on other peoples' information in order to argue at my keyboard. One of the resources I used the most heavily was tunderf00t's "Why do People Laugh At Creationists?" series.

Then I realized that he was really just another ego-tripping YouTube pundit douchebag. After I realized this, I unsubscribed. It wasn't until a number of years later I learned about the drama with his Islamophobia and eye-rolling crusade against feminism.

He likes to ramble on and on, grandstanding about the joys of the Enlightenment and free speech, taking forever to get to an actual point, like how he spent a good few minutes in his videos about some stupid libertarian about how his graphic of the earth spinning is wrong; pure ego-stroking. He goes after easy targets, and if they don't tend to just roll over for him he shows himself to be a petulant, thin-skinned crybaby.

He also loves to misrepresent people, which in retrospect he did even when he made videos about creationists. Back during the drama with VenomFangX there was a brief stint when VFX would dress up as Batman or the Joker (The Dark Knight was the recent hit movie). Any normal observer would conclude that the kid was being a douchebag who wasn't taking anything seriously. TF decided that he could use this to paint VFX as mentally deranged. At the time it was easy not to hold him too harshly for that, because VFX was an obnoxious twerp with a highly punchable face. But then when TF makes a video where he rambles like a crazy person about how "professional victim" Anita Sarkeesian conspired to get him banned from Twitter (and misreading Twitter's community guidelines in the process) it reflects much less favorably on him.

I guess what I really want to say is that I'm disappointed. I thought he was an intelligent, mature intellectual in the realm of YouTube. But in the end it turned out he was just a pompous douchebag. And he will continue to be a pompous douchebag, not only because his fans pay him to be that way, but because it seems that's just the kind of person he is.