Reviews: The Angry Joe Show

Actually helpful

This review is subjected to change, in 3 years maybe

He's angry joe, enough can be figured out from that title alone. Yet most of the time he isn't even that angry. Although that title really pops up once he gets to the bad or disappointing games. Or anything else really, like the Last Airbender movie. As a reviewer, he takes his time to really describe what's good and what's bad about a game. How a game can also improve. He is one of those online reviewers that you can actually put your trust in. Sure like all reviewers they might be bias on very rare and certain times, but mostly everything that they say can be believed. He is amusing when angry, and helpful when doing a good review on a good game.

Although the length of his videos might scare people, his videos are great quality. Nice intros, and variety of games to review. Keep up the good work Joe. Even with your other non-review videos

The People's Reviewer

Angry Joe is the best consumer-oriented reviewer there is because despite this being his job for so long, he still is a consumer. He has absolute passion for his games and he is absolutely unafraid to let that shine through in everything he does. Someone showing you their passions and why they're passionate about it is one of the most privileged experiences we can have as human beings.

He is what we should want to be, inclusive of everybody, always ready to learn and have fun. He doesn't care about expectations coming into things and he feels ready to try everything. He'll admire a shooter for being a shooter, an MMO for being an MMO. But most of all, he's a decent person, he listens to the hot-button gaming topics and is ready to try and understand why some people might feel excluded from some things and why that's wrong. When some of his own fans starting hurling some pretty nasty abuse over the feminist thing Angry Joe asked them to stop and completely disowned what they did, but even that was with the attitude of trying to bring them back into the fold instead of drawing lines and taking sides.

And although he doesn't place himself amongst the more lofty game critics, he listens to them and values their contributions.

But overall it is the enthusiasm which sells everything. The cheesy costumes and effects are great because they're done with love and a willingness to put himself out there. He manages to bring his personality totally into the reviews, yet at the same time he brings the facts to the table and aims to give advice that other people can take.

Ironically, the thing I like the least about The Angry Joe Show is the anger. Some things don't feel important enough to be angry about. But his anger is actually really rare and when it does appear it stems from disappointed expectations and the feeling that people might lose out on a hefty chunk of their money for this game.


Next to the Nostalgia Critic, angry joe has to be the greatest member of TGWTG. His reviews are well done, and the humor is great. I LOVE seeing him completely losing his temper. And he's a great actor for other characters. Like for the detective in his L.A. noire review, or Batman in his Arkham City review. Besides for the Nostalgia Critic, I would never be interested in that guy with the glasses if it wasn't for Joe.