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Reviews Comments: Great The Angry Joe Show whole series review by Flame Doom 9

Next to the Nostalgia Critic, angry joe has to be the greatest member of TGWTG. His reviews are well done, and the humor is great. I LOVE seeing him completely losing his temper. And he's a great actor for other characters. Like for the detective in his L.A. noire review, or Batman in his Arkham City review. Besides for the Nostalgia Critic, I would never be interested in that guy with the glasses if it wasn't for Joe.



  • T448Eight
  • 15th Feb 13
He also puts a lot of money and time into his videos (costumes, backgrounds, cool stuff, the 60 dollar games themselves). Keep in mind he usually does this every week or so.

If he asks for a donation, its one where it could actually matter instead of just soda money.
  • Awesomekid42
  • 22nd Nov 13
I personally like Linkara more, but Angry Joe is really good to.
  • son
  • 22nd Nov 13
Joe and the Critic seem to be the most comfortable in their own skin. They actually seem to enjoy what they do, rather than "assume the role" of some one better than the media they review. (I'm talking to you Nostalgia Chick and Phelous)
  • JobanGrayskull
  • 22nd Nov 13
I like Angry Joe because he's honest and genuine. He's not always objective, but I can look past that because of the way he presents himself. His production quality is also pretty dang good.
  • catmuto
  • 25th Feb 15
While I mostly have given up on the Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe is still enjoyable to watch. His videos are well-done, interesting and even funny. Though I will admit, his disappointment in videogames based on movies seems unnecessary to me. It's developers taking one medium and turning it into a different one, but not going the whole way. So unless they actually bother to go all the way, of course it's gonna suck. So why does he keep playing or reviewing those?
  • TheRealYuma
  • 8th Aug 16
Eh, CR tops both of them.

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