Reviews: Epic Meal Time

Tedious Over Time

The most positive thing I can say about Epic Meal Time is that I'm never not impressed by the amazing Food Porn on display. The guys make incredible foodstuffs week in and week out that always straddles a fine line between looking incredibly delicious and gut-wrenchingly disgusting. Always leaves me wondering if I'd want to eat some of the stuff they cook, or run away in fear of it.

But the main issue with it is that when you watch several videos in a row, most of them just seem kind of repetitive. The cooks utilise alot of the same jokes in each video, and their personalities can get grating to look at for prolonged periods of time.

It's not a bad series per se, I've certainly seen worse become popular on Youtube, but it is something better taken in small doses. Epic Meal Time, I love ya but I gotta have my space.