Reviews: Tales Of Destiny 2

Definitely Worth Checking Out

Tales of Destiny 2 is an interesting little hybrid of a game different than anything else the series has to offer.

The combat is a mix of the later Destiny CC system and standard Tales TP system. Combat is fast and fun, though offers restrictions in early-game comboing with the SP meter, which drains when performing melee attacks and refills upon blocking or keeping out of combat. Every character has access to both spells and melee attacks, though most are better at one than the other.

The combat works best in multiplayer, allowing one player to recharge their SP and TP while the other attacks, and the camera is very nicely accommodating of more than one player unlike some (Symphonia), so if you have friends who are interested in the series I would highly recommend inviting them over for some co-op beatdown.

This is one of the few games in the series with no focus on racism. Instead, the story offers up romance, time travel, and philosophical arguments on free will and human nature, as well as the needs of the many versus the needs of the one and what it means to be a hero. While knowing the first game isn't strictly necessary to enjoy it, a lot will be lost on a player with no experience of it.

The skits are excellent, easily the best-written in any Tales game. Special mention goes to Kyle and Loni's interactions. These two are the most believable siblings I've seen out of the series by far. Reala, despite a lot of the hate she receives, is not really so bad. She starts off as a shy shrinking violet, but matures and gains confidence during the course of the narrative. For bonus points, she also doesn't spend most of the game getting kidnapped, something that might please series veterans.

More special mention goes to Harold. Abyss and Graces fans will see traits of both Jade and Pascal in her. She's great.

One complaint I have taken note of is the narrative starts to lag around the 2/3 mark, and starts focusing exclusively on Kyle and Reala. Unfortunately, this is not unfounded, and can be hard for people who love the other characters. The skits can help alleviate this, but it still ends up being a problem. While I was invested enough in Kyle and Reala to continue to enjoy their arc, it's up to viewer interpretation.

Overall, the game is quite good, and worth checking out if you're interested in the older Tales games.