Reviews: Wet

An underrated gem.

Wet is a 2009 video game for the PS 3 and XBOX revolving around the adventures of Rubi Malone, a problem fixer and Psycho For Hire. The story is a Cliche Storm of double crosses fighting the British and Chinese criminal underworld. But you're not here to read about the details of the game mechanics and plot. You probably read through the tropes page or even heard about the actors in the game and wondering if it lives up to expectations.

It surpasses expectations. It is a game that seems to aim low in terms of quality but grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. From start to finish this is high octane action portrayed in the grindhouse style of Death Proof and Planet Terror.

Graphics wise it's not the prettiest game around. What may have been impressive in 2004 doesn't hold water five years later, but if you base the quality of the game on the graphics alone then you're missing out. Some gamers might not like the scratchy film grain, but thankfully these can be switched off.

The sound is where the game excels however. There are 26 odd tracks of latin rock, rap, even Johnny Cash. Rarely will you find a dud track, and they really sell the action scenes and levels. And the actors I mentioned? Eliza Dushku, Malcolm Mcdowell, Kim Mai Guest and Alan Cumming are the stars of the show. They clearly put a lot of effort in the work, take a look at something like Chaos Bleeds and you can see how the voice work is a lot better.

The game plays through an interesting mix of run and gun, platform and Bullet Time acttion. Every time Rubi performs a acrobatic move time slows down, allowing her time to aim and shoot. With how action packed the game is this is a good thing. You could try and play it normally but not only do you miss out on all the fun (slow motion shooting down a ladder, before wall running and slicing a mook in the balls), the game is hard. Even on normal difficulty later levels will have you tearing your hair out. There are also a lot of Press X To Not Die scenes, but these are thankfully more forgiving than in, say, Resident Evil, and the payoff is a hundred times more awesome.

All in all, the characters are interesting, the levels are fun, and it has one of the best soundtracks ever heard in a game. You should be able to pick it up for around twenty bucks and at that price it is an absolute steal.