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A Quest in Varying Quality
The first three games, developed by insomniac, are some of my favorite games of all time, perhaps because it holds a certain amount of nostalgia to me. You see, I grew up on these games, and the fourth game of the series marked my Start Of Darkness into cynical adulthood. The entire series after four got worse. I consider, however, the series post-continuity reboot to be its own series for obvious reasons.

If you're a fan of old-school classic platformers, then the first three games, undeniably, are for you.

And now, onto the controversial part. I don't, personally, like A New Beginning for several reasons.

  • It completely gets rid of the canonical story from the first three games
  • Anthropomorphic Dragonflies
  • You don't collect gems
  • Ripped off God of War style attacks
  • The voice acting

If you are new to the series these things probably won't matter to you. In fact I re-played this game and it left a better impression than the first time I went into it expecting a brand-new adventure with the titular character. What I got was a completely different (albeit deeper) storyline involving young Spyro's err... adopting. By dragonflies.

That being said it could be a fun series if you can get past the canon reboot. Better graphics, arguably better gameplay, but a SIGNIFICANTLY lower replay value await you. It's a rather linear beat-em-up.

The second game in the series is just you know, pretty much the same. This would be an incredibly fun party game if there were more than one player.

This game has a surprising amount of dramatic tension for a Spyro game, at least in my opinion. But that's pretty much it.

The game after that is definitely third time's the charm in action. But that being said it's basically if Kratos and Nariko finally stopped pretending and shacked up with each other... or should I say... shackled up together? Anyway, this is pretty fun actually. Perhaps it's because the other games pretty much shattered my expectations, but I rather liked this game. It was enjoyable and somewhat fresh.

My recommendation is play maybe the first game in the first series to see if you like it, but if you don't, play the second series.
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