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It ain't that great
So...Spellforce. It can be summed up in two words: "faintly average". And the breakdown of why:

Game 1:

  • Slow-down system is an absolute pain in the arse.
  • "Free play" mode blows spectacularly.
  • Breath of Winter expansion jumps the level of wild monster encounters right from 'not worth the effort' to 'not worth the risk' seemingly for no reason part of the way through the story.
  • Not even remotely balanced.

Game 2:
  • Does not have stupid slow-down system
  • Graphics are better

  • Still not particularly impressive
  • Unit variety is still pretty low, which can be annoying


Summary: if you're a die-hard fan, I don't think you're stupid or lack taste, maybe you just found something in it that I didn't. But if you haven't played the game yet, my recommendation is: don't bother. There are better RP Gs, better strategies, and better hybrids.
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