Reviews: Suburgatory

Kill Tessa and the show improves so much

Dalia, Lisa, Malik, George, Dallas, literally everyone in this show is awesome and likable except it's title character. After the end of season 2, I was done with Tessa.

I feel like Tessa becomes much easier to watch if you're a white teenage girl living in a gated community. There's nothing wrong with wish fulfillment, and I'm sure there are tons of teenagers out there who assume that they're just worldlier than everyone around them, refer to their parents by their first names, and yell and complain about not being treated like an equal in the parent-child relationship while they're a High School sophomore.

But Tessa. Oh god, Tessa. She's insufferable. Watching her run away from home because she didn't care about anyone's happiness but her own, after two seasons of being an unlikable brat, just turned my distance from her character into an irreversible disconnect.

Horrible main character aside, the side characters are true shining points. George kind of lost me when he was insisting that he was "crazy for" the annoying vegan surrogate mom to Alan Tudyk's character's unborn son, since that's what made me realize he was going through true loves pretty quickly in season 1. After that though, when he and Dallas finally get together, it's awesome. They're funny and cool together. Dalia, barring all her interaction with that jewish nerdy guy, was also a constant highlight. Deadpan line delivery and evil psycho vibes made her extremely entertaining as well.

My friend got me into this show by showing me Lisa and Malik's wedding sequence. Aside from the low point of Lisa dumping Malik because he didn't hate her mom, they're also amazing. Also, going in, this show is like a semi-Archer reunion. Alan Tudyk's wife is the chick in the Longwater mystery, Archer's voice actor is Dallas's personal coach, Lisa's dad is Cyril. It's awesome.

If only Tessa died in a fire or something, we wouldn't have to suffer through her lukewarm romance with that thirty year old pretending to be a high schooler or anything else that comes out of her being alive. If you're a white teenage girl, you'll love everything about this show. Everyone else, if you can bear Tessa, you'll like everything else about this show.