Reviews: Power Rangers Megaforce


Megaforce is definitely a series with potential. An ambitious one at that, mixing up the footage of two Sentai series. (Both of which are near and dear to my heart!) For this review though, I'll only be looking at Season 1....The Mostly-Goseiger-adapted portion.

Unfortunately, they seem to be sacrificing storytelling for the sole sake of adding unnecessary morals. Many of the Season 1 plots don't really feel like plots....they feel more like 20-minute pro-environmental PSAs with teamwork bundled in. Writing 101, guys: Audiences (especially kids)aren't this stupid. They don't need to have "Earth is beautiful" hammered into their heads every other sentence. The Sentai Season 1 emulated had the environment as a motif, not a theme. Megaforce does the exact opposite.

It doesn't help that the characters don't seem to have any personality outside of their core social traits. (Noah, liking computers, is automatically slapped with television nerd traits while the flower-lover Emma is a Greenpeace pamphlet given Human form) Speaking of the characters, the acting in Season 1 is bad. Not necessarily due to the script quality; (most fans by this point expect PR scripts to generally be iffy) but due to the actors' lacking the ability to properly emote. (Andrew Gray, especially) I see more emotion from the emotion-less robot. Ironic, no? This is only made worse by the unnecessary extra dialogue sprinkled across every fight. Most fights consist of the enemy broadcasting their strategy, and then the Rangers repeating this verbatim. I wouldn't have a problem with this if the plots didn't consist of little more than "monster appears, go kill it, give us Earth/teamwork moral."

Season 1 isn't as horrible as, say, the-series-that-must-not-be-named. It isn't abhorrent, but it isn't anything special. Hence, having "Meh" in the title. but all of the extraneous padding, unnecessary moralizing, and cookie-cutter characters make this one season I didn't expect to save the day.

Let's hope Super Megaforce can salvage this series, and from what I've seen of it so far; there's definitely a chance to make a treasure chest out of this recycle bin. (........I apologize for that.)

So far, not too bad

I admit, I've only just started watching, and I'm only 6 episodes in, but thus far it's looking promising. The intro, while being very similar to MMPR, is still pretty bombastic and awesome, and this being the 20th anniversary season, it all seems to be gearing up to being a sort of tribute to Power Rangers past, with all the other little references (Like Gosei being an apprentice of Zordon, for instance). The stories so far have been pretty decent, with no glaringly goofy or silly episodes. This season seems blissfully devoid of comic-relief villains or side-characters (Except for the teacher, but he's hardly in it!) The fights have been solid choreography. Nothing hugely impressive, but I'm guessing they're saving that for future episodes. Episode 5 had some nice in-sync shooting bits with Yellow and Pink, so that was cool. The acting isn't the greatest, but it's not the worst either. Most of the rangers are decent enough, and seem to be improving. However Troy, the Red Ranger, is easily the worst. He's good-looking and good in a fight, but he is wooden beyond compare! It's not eve enjoyably bad acting like Divatox or something, it's just flat and dull. Here's hoping he improves. But otherwise the acting is decent enough. It's no Time Force, but it's not as bad as Samurai. The villains are cool enough, if a little simplistic. Another taking-over-the-earth group, though the insect designs are pretty cool, the voices are good, and Zordon be praised, there aren't any comic-relief villains! The morphers are a cool idea. I always like unusual morphers that pop open or flip or something, and these are especially odd. The card thing is an interesting concept, similar to Kamen Rider Dedade's henshin-belt in its use of cards, and combining them or weapon combos and such. And of course, there are all the hints of them using the footage from the Super Sentai movie, Great Hero Battle. H Undreds of rangers battling hundreds of mooks and monsters? Yeah, cannot wait for that!

So, a bit of a shaky start, but it looks promising. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Harmony and Dizchord Burning Way Past Cool!

By far, "Harmony and Dizchord" is the best episode of the season. It was sweet, nice, epic, fun and a Burning Way Past Cool ride start to end.

Vrak sends in Dizchord to fight the Rangers, and his soundwaves effect Red and Pink, for some reason. And loud sounds end up hurting their ears throughout the rest of the episode. Troy later gets the idea to use Emma's amazing singing voice to battle Dizchord, and with use of the Twistornado Card (the PR counterpart of the Windrive Goseiger Card) they destroy machines Dizchord was planning on using to destroy the world with sound, It Makes Sense in Context.

The Rangers end up fighting him in the Gosei Great Megazord, and win. Some ask why they didn't use the Sky Gosei Megaord, two words: Sentai Footage.

I love this episode, Emma's an amazing singer, she's as good as Kira from Dino Thunder, if not better!



They REALLY need to be more careful with there goseiger footage. granted it a mix season with 22 being goseiger and the other as Gokaiger, but still they need to be more careful. you can clearly see what look like Datas in the ep on it's back.

Other than that it's a good ep.

the Dizchord ep

Was reminded of of both the turbo ep Cars Attack and the jf ep Dance the night away in today ep due to the fact that A) the monster of the week attack using sound attack around the world and B) the ranger use a counter-attack via music (Just like how the jf fought the monster using dance moves.)

I give it a C not great but still good

five episode

It was pretty good, plot needed abit of work but still good. I was worry how they introduce Beezara but they did a good job editing her in. plus anyonne felt a Ho yay with Emma and Gia in that ep? cause i certainly did. Nearly forgot, i liked the subtle Beetleborg reference

Third episode

Going Viral was quite good! had a fair share of humor, and good drama plus it adds a good I must scream cause it raises a good question whether if the loogies were sentient alien before going through something that mutated them to loogies and are forever stuck like that (Yes i know that was originally goseiger, but they just limited it to a age limit when in this version EVERYONE FREE GAME!)

Megaforce review

It surprisingly off to a good start with the first ep

I loved all the references to Day of the Dumpster. It was awesome. Plus, Ernie's Brainfreeze. ERNIE'S. my inner fanboy squeeled at that.

And for whiners, if you weren't smart enough to put two AND two together that it might honor mmpr then you deserve a slap in the back of the head. i will admit the opening could be better.