Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Dino Thunder: Drama, Dinosaurs and return of a hero

Dino Thunder was the first season that featured an character from the story of the first 6 seasons in a newer show. This ranger of course was the great Tommy Oliver, And The Fandom Rejoiced. I hadn't watched earlier series much, but thanks to the 500th anniversary episode, I gained a token understanding of just how far Power Rangers has come.

To borrow a phrase from Linkara, the grand theme is the balance between ambition and legacy. Trent's family pressures, Connor's sacrifices to stay a ranger, and Kira's singing subplot all serve as commentary on balancing personal goals with group expectations, and how ultimately it's OK to move to bigger plans so long as you don't hurt others in the process.

Admittedly, the series was mixed in quality, with iffy episodes that just didnít feel as clever or epic. Overall though it had some great story arcs, and really cool dinosaur zords. The Triceramax Megazord was one of the coolest zords in the season and the team up this season worked pretty well like the last time.

Even the teenage rangers are pretty neat. Connor, the Jerk With A Heart Of Gold took on responsibility during the season. Ethan was a troublemaker, but he grew more mellow, and proved to be the most compassionate of them all. Kira didn't change too much, but the episodes centered on her struggling with her identity as a singer and as a volunteer. Tommy as The Obi Wan didnít change much either, but he didn't have to. I especially liked they would reference his time as an older ranger for awesomeness or humor. Trent, the Sixth Ranger was originally innocent, but his role as the son of the Superpowered Alter Ego Big Bad was pretty well explored in his interactions with the team over that secret.

Thereís even a comic duo of Devin and Cassidy, and while not as funny as Bulk and Skull, their ultimate nobility marked them as a great addition to the series. Finally, thereís Haley, who as tech leader was given some good characterization and played a huge role in the final battle.

If I have any big problems with the season, itís the finale. It just seems too fragmented and rushed, and could have been a 3 parter for more development. Overall though, Dino Thunder was an excellent series, and stood up to its prehistoric legacy.