Reviews: Justified

An Instant Classic.

I love to read books, especially crime and western novels. Naturally I enjoyed Elmore Leonard novels in particular since they are both of these things. When I was 16 I started watching Justified (which was on its second season.) I was quickly hooked. Honestly everything works in this series. The characters are fun and interesting, both major characters like Rylan and Boyd and relatively minor characters like Wynn Duffy and Quarles. The setting of rural Kentucky is a very interesting setting with a lot of history they incorporate into the plot (coal mining in paticular is very relevant to the plot.) Although I do have to gripe about the fact that they are CLEARLY not filming in Kentucky (it looks like Virginia.) Which is a strange decision considering how important the setting is to the plot, but nontheless the fact that they encorporated Southern culture in a mostly positive manner is nice. All together I consider this to be one of the best series on television and believe it will be a classic along with Breaking Bad. Even the finale is great, wrapping up the plots of so many characters in a sweet and respectful manner. 10/10 a must watch if you like crime/western/action movies.