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This troper started off listening to the Rutles (making the amateur mistake of pronouncing it 'Rootles', an error addressed at one point by Neil Innes) after she saw the sketch on Rutland Weekend Television. She didn't see the actual 'All You Need Is Cash' mockumentary until a whole lot later, but she was satisfied with the music. Disturbingly catchy with mostly delightful lyrics and Eric Idle's talent for silly names (Dirk Mc Quickly, Stig O'Hara, Barry Wombleton, Ron Nasty, Leppo...)

And, frankly, she still hasn't listened to more of The Beatles than The Rutles. Whether staring out at the sky hopefully with 'Shangri-La', trying to find out the meaning of 'Piggy In The Middle' or 'Cheese And Onions', thinking about how to get as good a career as the Knicker Elastic King, feeling disturbingly content with 'Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik', or getting all choked up by 'Back In '64', the Rutles is first in her MP 3 list. And sorry for sounding like an advert, but when kicking back with a sammich, 'Doubleback Alley' or 'Easy Listening' makes for good passive listening... Truly, the pre-fab four made a legend that would last a lunchtime.
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