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I don't know what to make of Toriko.
On the one hand it is an enjoyable, exciting, and imaginative romp.

On the other hand it turns hedonistic cannibalistic psychopaths, thrill-killing bandits, and overall amoral Social Darwinism into a glorified ideal, and is crafted by a jailed child prostitution user.

So, although the manga is perfectly enjoyable taken on the anime's "eat your vegetables" song surface level, underneath that surface it is rather unlikeable.
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Great Manga, Distilled Anime Adaptation
Toriko is a great manga which harkens back to old Shonen series. It's a testosterone filled adventure that can get people who like that sort of thing pumped up. The anime adaptation of it however is... eh. It's not bad as it still provides a great world. It's just not as good as it could be. Distilled is probably the best word to describe it I get.

One of my gripes with the anime version, is the amount of censorship of violence it does. I get that censorship is supposed to be there otherwise it wouldn't be shown in the air. However, to censor things to the extent that practically almost all instances of blood are non-existent. It kinda makes things goofy, like this show is just a kid version of Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure or something. This gets especially jarring during Knight Of Cerberus scenarios like Toriko vs. Tommyrod or Chiyo's introduction. The seriousness of these are completely downplayed in the anime due to the obvious censorship.

This censorship is even more jarring in the crossovers with One Piece, that are kinda losing their initial appeal due to repetition. One Piece may not be as over violent like Toriko is in the manga, and it's anime adaptation has it's share amount of censors, however at least it is willing to get crap over the radar with what violence it can show. Seeing these two series side by side with the knowledge of how they are censored individually kinda ruins the crossover abit.

The only other gripe I have with the anime version would obviously be Tina. Apart from what has been constantly been said about her, my gripe with her is that she feels like a needlessly weak female character whose job feels not as big as the others. Her weakness makes all the so called super dangerous areas she went to in the first arcs seem tame. Komatsu and even Zonge already fulfill the role of weak character that could survive these place if aided or given the right circumstances. Tina waltzing around almost unaided makes the danger less serious. Her role as a female character feels really demeaning when you've got female powerhouses like Setsuna around. Her job is really weak as all she does is mostly exposition, and she doesn't seem to be like a real-life food reporter like Guy Fieri for example. She's just looks like a pair of boobs added for the sake of boobs.
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A Confusing Mess
I've checked the scanlations and fansubs for this series. Frankly, the producers must have been on drugs, in my opinion. Apart from the main duo of Toriko and the short guy (Komatsu), I feel like I can't tell who gets involved in what, let alone whose side they're on. Fans of this series might find it enjoyable but I found it too deranged and random for words. Personally, trying to understand what's going on in this series is an excercise in futility.
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