Reviews: Judge

Better But Not Great

Judge comes off as a Spiritual Successor to the mangaka's previous work Doubt with an almost similar setting, the reappearance of animal masks and similar.

A group of older teens and college-aged students finds themselves locked in what looks like an old courthouse and there's a 12 hour timer counting down. They have to sacrifice one person by voting for them at the end or they will all die.

The characters aren't too great in terms of personality or depth, you can look at them and pretty much guess what their personality is, what their issues are or what their supposed sin would be and you can tell who'll die sooner or later.

The story and plot twists are a bit better and decently foreshadowed without coming out of nowhere compared to Doubt's final plot twist.

As entertaining as Judge may be, it unfortunately does not alter or improve too much compared to Tonogai's other work. Definitely worth a read, especially if one was left disappointed by Doubt, but by no means a great manga.