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Pilot Review

Dark. Gruesome. Deadly. Dangerous. Gory. And whatever other shadowy adjectives you can think of.

For once, the Viewer Discretion Advised warning must be taken seriously. Nothing nearly as terrifying as this show has ever blackened America's broadcast airwaves with its presence before.

Trigger warnings abound throughout the pilot alone: eyes are gouged out, throats slit, blood spilled on everything, the thud of a damaged heart echoing over everything else, and overall lack of humor and/or comic relief. Even the sun seemed too afraid to show itself on the days the pilot was being shot.

That said, though, it's a great show. It doesn't feel nearly as over-the-top as other Kevin Williamson projects (I'm looking at you, Scream) or the Hannibal Lecter movies and novels (but especially The Silence Of The Lambs) that quite clearly inspired this show to an extent. It's dark and gruesome, yes, but powerful. At the risk of sounding like a brainwashed cult member, I can't pull away from this now that I've started. If this sort of show is your thing, well, just start and there is no going back.

I hope this show proves a success - so NBC can have no problem pushing forward their planned Hannibal show. My guess is that this show will be something very similar to what Hannibal will end up being like. As long as this one doesn't go the way of the sadly-underappreciated Alcatraz, which shouldn't happen so long as Fox provides it with the proper care...which I doubt.