Reviews: Seltzer And Friedberg

Epic Movie

This is a bad movie, but it does have it's moments

The Good:

1.) Any scene with Silas the Monk. This was just so ridiculous and over the top it was kind of hard not to laugh. The dialogue dissonance "speaking calmly while describing how he will horribly dismember someone" was also pretty well executed.

2.) The Willy Wonka Scenes: Again, just so absurd and patently ridiculous (as well as wierd) That it was hard not to laugh.

3.) The Harry potter scenes

4.) The peter and carmen electra scene (my father who hated the movie liked this scene, which sort of counts)

5.) The dwarf kicking kal penn in the balls, and the pirate rap

The Bad: The punked, the middle finger, and most of the other jokes

The Ugly: the superman returns plot (mercifully cut from the theatrical release) even when I was an apologist for the movie I still found this scene utterly inexcusable.

In short, it's a crap movie, but it does have a few good jokes. My advice to the directors would be to cut down the references and focus on the refuge in absurdity.

Even my Computer hated it....

Okay, so my friend and I decided we'd have a movie night, and waited until at least 1 AM to start watching these movies. We figured that we'd have a better chance of enjoying the movies if we were really tired.

Surprisingly, as bad as Epic Movie was, and even though Meet the Spartans was worse, they did have some merit. Both of them had some genuinely funny moments and were, at times, clever. Those moments were few, but they were there. Those two at least tried to follow a plot.

And then we popped in Disaster Movie. We figured that now that it was early morning and we were really tired that it would be kinda funny. We were wrong. We probably should have gotten drunk and/or high as well.

There was an unfunny intro that eventually led into something similar to a plot. I got my hopes up just a bit, only for the plot to absolutely stall. We're instead introduced to an overly long party scene that seems to exist for the sole purpose of jamming in as many "parodies" as possible. I don't know how long this scene went on, but I think it might have been half an hour (but it felt twice that). Anyway, the plot FINALLY picks up again only for absolutely nothing to happen again for a while. All this time, they're jamming in Shallow Parody after Shallow Parody and having Overly Long Gags galore. And then, sometime shortly after a pregnant woman is gruesomely ripped apart (in a "comedy," no less), the movie freezes up, and Windows Media Player refuses to work. That's right...the movie was so bad that my laptop didn't even want to play it anymore.

From what I watched of Disaster Movie, there was really only one thing I enjoyed: Juno. I haven't actually seen Juno, so I'm not entirely sure what the original character was like, but I think they tried taking her character and making jabs at her mannerisms. Of course, it was those mannerisms they were "parodying" that I enjoyed. I think the only time during that movie I laughed was when Juno said, completely deadpan, "I'm lactating. Moo."

Long story short, I didn't think it was possible for a movie to be So Bad Its Horrible before this film. I thought they'd all have a bit of Narm Charm. Not so here. Disaster Movie is unclever, plotless, disgusting, and altogether painful to watch.