Reviews: Hogwarts Exposed Timeline

Yeah... Silly story.

Im going to be honest.

I find the plot tremendously stupid.

It just... woah!!

But probably the worst was: 1.- Is an America/Magic Wank. 2.- The incongruence in magic abilities (One obliviator capable of erasing the memory of 70,000 people in one afternoon) with magic government. 3.- The absolute lack of originality with the different cultures in the Magic world (all use wands, all use faux Latin for magic, all had Aurors and Obliviators) is just sickening plain. 4.- Nobody react with skepticism about the commercial for more than a couple of seconds. And it took a couple of days to break the Masquerade... by a fussy image. 5.- The American Wank. In a brittish novel. 6.- How nobody say anything or react violently (probably later, I accept that I didn't read the entire story) by having a secret group attacking civilians, hardwiring telephones, censuring all forms of comunication and taking the law in their hands. 7.- How accepting is the President of the U.S about wizards and their own goverment. 8.- The entire Al-Qaeda and Nuclear strike... completely idiotic and the biggest propaganda garbage I had ever read. 9.- ... many other things.

yeah... don't read it. It's a very bad fic and is hardly worth of being called an Alternate History work.

Go and read A Scotsman In Egypt and save your time.

Magic the American way.

Is a Eagleland flavor #2 going to Flavor 1 of what would happen if the Magical World was discovered?

Answer: Many stupid things.

Its full of plot holes, imbalance in power, goverment decisions that go to full idioticy, a Mary Sue topia in the Magical World (in the sense that they can abuse left and right with things that would kill any other agency and nobody say anything) and with the integration of the War on terror...

Go and read a real work in Alternate History. This is fan wank for the sake of Fan wank.