Reviews: GUNDAM

UC Tomino series impressions

Instead of writing several reviews separate, I decided to make on single when it comes to the Gundam series father, Tomino.

When it comes to Tomino's Gundam shows I can see that they are overflowing with good ideas and neat concepts. Unfortunately, they never manifest as well as they could. Frequently his shows suffer from questionable logic, rampant random plot point's and in general horrid dialogue.

One especially common issue I have tend to be the rampant Deus ex Machina that doesn't even try to be believable. Some of them in fact can get rather extreme in their execution, in fact to the point that you could be forgiven for thinking you are watching a different genre. And attempts to try and justify it often feels like it beggars belief and make things feel even more contrived with little proper conclusion, both with characters and events.

The other issue I tend to have is the aforementioned dialogue. Non Sequitur's run rampant, and the delivery itself I can only describe as annoying. I'm not really sure what it is with it that makes me think that way, but when he manage to make Takehito Koyasu sound annoying then there is an issue. There is also a problem of characters stating the blatantly obvious and a distinct lack of subtlety, screaming morals at the top of their lungs. And they never stop running their mouths.

And perhaps the biggest issue. The Newtypes where perhaps his worst mistake. It's telling just how bad that idea was when many of the best moment are those that don't involve them in any way while the worst are those that do.

As I previously stated, I can see that there are good ideas underneath all these issues, but it often feels like the issues undermine their potential. I really want to like his shows as much as some do since I can see the silver lining, but the repeated problems just hold me away from them. This become especially apparent in the UC shows not done by Tomino, some of which truly manage to to make his world come to life.