Reviews: Ted


While the film labels itself a comedy, there is an enormous amount of drama and pointless scenes in the middle. The jokes almost all boil down to "they had sex", "someone swearing" or "you suck, (celebrity of choice)!", with only a few genuinely funny moments in between (Ted's job, his boss in particular). Mid-way through the plot switches fully to drama and cliches, including a fairly pointless car and climbing chase sequence. Pacing was atrociously slow, with several scenes of John and his girlfriend getting along that couldve been removed or condensed to make room for jokes. There are more jokes-per-minute in The Avengers without resorting to Toilet Humor. Why can't it happen here?

Funniest Damn Movie I've Seen In A While

Holy piss, I laughed so hard at this movie. It was so funny, I can't even say anything about the other aspects of it because I was too busy splitting my sides to pay attention. That doesn't mean it's bad, even if it was fucking horrible everywhere else it'd be completely redeemed by the hilarity. Everyone should see this movie once in their lifetime. Even if you don't like Seth Macfarlane's humor you will still laugh your ass off. See this movie, or you're a loser.