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Probably one of the worst films I've ever seen
I'm really appalled at how awful this film is. How can you take what is a really awesome concept - hiding from the beautiful light that will be your doom - and 10 million dollars to make such a bad film?

The biggest and most immediately obvious flaw in this film is this; everyone is an unlikeable douchebag. Everyone. For some reason the directors thought to start the film at a LA party filled with shallow, sleazy, unlikeable jerks who spy on two men having oral sex like it's the most disgusting thing ever. If there is true horror in this film, it's the dawning realization that these people are the jerks we're supposed to care about for the next hour and a half.

Jarrod, Elaine and Oliver are the only remotely worthwhile characters in the film, but they're irritating and one-dimensional. We even have to suffer through the soap-opera wangst of Elaine's sudden unwanted pregnancy and Jarrod being a douchebag about it - because that's what you want to see in an alien invasion story, isn't it?

Not to mention that these awful characters have to act horribly written dialogue. The entire theatre was laughing, groaning or rolling at their eyes the entire way through, even through character deaths, because any immersion or believability was long destroyed. A script of non-stop Narm acted by bad characters is bad enough, but it doesn't stop there.

A good plot could save this, but the plot can't seem to make up its damn mind. Are the characters going to hide from the aliens or try to escape? The movie keeps trying these two options over and over again, accomplishing nothing but whittling down the cast (whom we don't care about) and broadcasting to the aliens that they're there. Eventually the plot moves towards the fatalistic as it becomes apparent that whatever they do is meaningless anyway.

Finally, the movie also copies ideas from many other alien movies, like ID 4 and War Of The Worlds, but doesn't develop the ideas properly. Like Cloverfield, they frame the film from the everyman's perspective, but then created intrigue when we saw what the aliens were doing to humans. Cloverfield was simple; there's a monster, it's smashing things. Here, the intelligent aliens are trying to do something but it's never explained, which made the movie deeply frustrating to watch.

In summary? Don't waste your money.
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Skyline is a bad movie
Skyline is an impressively bad movie. Easily one of the worst I have ever seen. I would not recommend it unless you are the type of person who really enjoys very bad movies.
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