Reviews: Santa Sangre

This movie is much better than many other films with a similar story

How many times have been made movies about serial killers that had preference for beautiful women? I guess that the whole genre has turned into something predictable and formulaic. But not here. What is more, I think that "Santa Sangre" deserves all the praise that it receives, being one of the best thrillers ever made, just like "Psycho" of Alfred Hitchcok. Alejandro Jodorowsky returns after the failure of "Tusk", using all the imagery and bizarre characters that made him so popular and controversial. However, "Santa Sangre" follows a more logical story, and that makes this film more accessible to a wider audience. And despite that, the direction of Jodorowsky proves again to be unique showing us scenes that are beautiful and grotesque at the same time. Sequences as "The Creation of the World", the burial of the elephant and the brutal murders as well of the city were hard to forget, considering the strangeness and visual impact of those scenes. Alejandro Jodorowsky made only one film after this: "The Rainbow Thief" a film more light-hearted and (very much)less violent than this one, but I found it good.