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My Biggest And Most Inexplicable Gulty Pleasure
I love this film. If I could only come up with one reason *why* I like it so much, I would not call it a guilty pleasure, but, consciously, I have no idea why I like it.

The writing is, as expected, mediocre at best. BUT if it was a fun, action-packed adventure with stunning effects and visuals and awesome fight scenes that suck you in so thoroughly that you don't care about the sloppiness in the story itself, that would still be a logical reason to like it. But... I don't think that.

I don't think the fight scenes are anything special, the witches' costumes and make-up are great but also nothing particularly special, I don't like gore, none of the characters really stand out or do anything mind-blowingly awesome more than one or two times, it's not even all that funny, and Gretel gets knocked unconscious and captured so much that Mina seems more like the female lead (so it's not sexism or anything to get paranoid about, just bad, disappointing writing); she barely does anything in the climax besides save her troll-boyfriend Edward.

If I forget that Gretel's name is in the title, the climax *is* awesome. However, my favorite scene is the minor kidroduction when the kids find the house, are taken prisoner, and defeat the first witch. The romance between Hansel and Mina strikes me as very sweet. Ben's idolisation of the two heroes is cute, and the interaction between the siblings is great, as is how screwed up being seemingly abandoned by their parents has made both of them. I guess Arterton and Renner are what drew me in. I absolutely LOVE their acting here and their characterization. Apparently, their acting is worth watching even though the story has problems a middle-schooler would have been able to fix. If the gore and action aren't what make it fun for me, I guess it's the acting that does it; that's the only theory I have now, anyway.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - You might love it, but don't expect to be able to explain why.
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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
From a critical perspective, this film is a disappointment. Jeremy Renner is wooden; Gemma Arterton hams it up. There are a number of things preventing this film from being "good".

But is it "great"?

Absolutely. It's the most fun I've ever had in the theatre. It's bloody, visceral, and deliciously over the top. The under-acting/over-acting dynamic that Renner and Arterton engage in remarkably works. The writing is better than expected, and the film has a number of moments that are genuinely funny. It all comes together to be a mess—but a wild, fantastic, sexy, bloody mess.
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