Reviews: Understanding

Zeitgeist Glee's Review

A technically well-written fanfiction with some interesting alternative character interpretation that is unfortunately let-down by some fairly major author-induced plotholes: Shinigami do not decide where the dead go, do not intentionally send Hollows to Hueco Mundo and only Mayuri Kurotsuchi is confirmed to have delayed Shnigami reinforcements to aid Quincy, as well as an impotent portrayal of certain characters: Ichigo and the majority of the Shinigami characters save Kenpachi who is actually buffed. Several characters also come across as Jerk Sues at points. The author did warn of canonical conflicts to be fair however.

Darksidevoid's review

An excellently written fic with striking and original characterization of certain fan-beloved characters of the series (and some not so beloved). The writing is engrossing and hard to take your eyes off of, and at 75 chapters, it might be quite a while before you can drag yourself away from your monitor. Just be sure to read the author's notes at the top of chapter 1...