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Darksidevoid is a troper from the East Coast of the US who participates in way too many RPs. He can usually be found in one of the RP subfora, Anime & Manga, or On-Topic Conversations. Simultaneously incredibly ambitious and pathetically dilatory (Ha! Didn't know that was a word, did you?). Has a habit of being verbose and extending sentences by adding gratuitous parenthetical statements. Currently pursuing a BA in Political Science.

If I do something stupid, arrogant, or out of line, call me on it. I usually try to be very conscious of those sorts of things, but, this being the internet, Poor Communication Kills (friendships and civility).

This page is newly minted, so feel free to desecrate it by adding or removing tropes and such wherever.

I've often rooted for villains in various series and wished I was as cool or as stylish as them, which is part of the long-ago origin of my troper handle. Thus, the many 'Evil' tropes applying below are not to be taken seriously... for the most part.

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Character Sheets

The summaries of my various characters, recorded here for posterity. Note that these are just the initial sign-ups, and some of the characters changed over time to become something significantly different from their original bio.


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