Reviews: There Stand Empires

Comment by Pavlovas

Seconded. I honestly cannot show enough support for this fic. It's four chapters long and it has me hooked. One of my favorite aspects, aside from the aforesaid excellent characterization of Liechtenstein, is the dynamic between Austria, Hungary, and Prussia, which succeeds in being both hysterical and surprisingly touching, as well as the burgeoning, brotherly relationship between a young, newly-discovered Germany and an antsy, does-not-deal-well-with-children Prussia. This fic also succeeds where many other Hetalia fics dealing with wars fail; namely, that it doesn't fall into the trap of characterizing France as an evil, unrelenting, completely ruthless enemy who simply has it out for the other nations for teh lulz. True, his character isn't excused for his behavior and doesn't reach to the opposite extreme of Draco in Leather Pantsing him beyond recognition, but the true motivation for the wars is shown to stem mostly from Napoleon himself, a leader whom France merely follows, just like Austria, Hungary, and Prussia merely follow their own leaders. In short, it represents a war fought the way it might be by nations who have known each other for centuries whose leaders will only be around a short while. Amazing fic; the author has promised a new chapter very soon, so suffice it to say that this is one of the best stories currently updating in the Hetalia field right now.

Comment by Anonymous

An excellent work-in-progress about the Napoleonic Wars. Firebirdie's characterisation is spot on with everyone, but in particular this fic contains one of the best interpretations of Liechtenstein that This Troper has ever read. This work is clearly very well researched and succeeds in being both well-written and educational.