Reviews: The Usual Reasons

tenoreyequetis's review

I'm not a fan of any kind of slash, but this little piece is gold. The characterizations are spot-on, and the gradual journey from friendship to romance feels well-paced and natural.

Jader's review

Probably the most real and natural portrayal I've ever seen of a transition from camaraderie to attraction to physical intimacy. It never seemed forced, rushed, cheesy or contrived. If I didn't know for a fact that the author is female, I'd swear it was written by a gay man, drawing from experience.

The Evil Oboist's review

This is, in my opinion, the way slash should be written. It's essentially a friendship fic that was taken to the next level, and so well-characterized that it could be canon if you wanted to read Sokka and Zuko's relationship that way. Zuko's vulnerability was extremely well-written, as was Sokka's confidence. I'm already a sucker for the epic bromance of these two, so shipping them just seemed natural.

Joysweeper's review

I found it cute. Plus, this is actually my favorite kind of pairing fic - canon pairings aren't bashed or cast aside, no one was demonized, no Undying True Love. I liked it.

lettergirl's review

This fic takes Sokka and Zuko's relationship from canon and pushes it just a little more so everything feels natural. The writing style is captivating, and it really feels like we're inside Sokka's head. Everyone is wonderfully in character too. It almost feels like this story could be a an actual episode in the show.