Reviews: The Fifth Alice Of Human Sacrifice

Comment by BlackSun

Do not be put off by the title simply because it's from a Vocaloid song; coming from someone who hates unmodified-plot Fusion Fic usually has, this Troper can say that this is one of the best fic of Vocaloid song ever fused with Axis Powers Hetalia, or any other fandom for that matter. The author does not just slap the Hetalia's cast into the plot of Alice of Human Sacrifice; rather, the author evolves it to be its very own original plot, sometimes bordering into Original Flavour of the Alice In Wonderland novels, which the author apparently has read as well. And yes, novels. You probably don't expect that this fic contains, among other awesome things most people miss in adaptations, the Looking-Glass world, Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen, and The Duchess, do you? So, expect Mind Screw nearly in the same level of Alice In Wonderland! Needless to say, a must-read for anyone who like Alice In Wonderland with more "bit" of madness sprinkled on.