Reviews: Star Trek Endeavour

A Must-Read For Enterprise Fans

Truly excellent series. About the only thing that bugs me is that Kent keeps unceremoniously killing off my favorite characters! But this fanfic is well plotted, true to the Trek-verse, and incredibly well-written. In my opinion, it's the best treatment of the Romulan War anywhere, in fanfic or professional novels. The Trip/T'Pol romance is treated perfectly - it's the only convincing fanfic of the pairing I've ever read, actually - and never takes over the main plot. This is one every Enterprise fan should read. (Just, for the love of God, have tissues handy. LOTS of tissues.)

OP's Review

  • Comments: An awesome action serial written kind of like a book series, except that the "books" are separated into acts rather than chapters. It's also very well written. There is also a mirror universe "book" which picks up where "In a Mirror Darkly" left off from, and another alternate universe story called "Divergent Paths", which starts near the beginning of the canon season 2 of the show and strands Trip and T'Pol on a planet that has just erupted into a nuclear world war after a county on said planet spots Enterprise and freaks out, mistaking the ship for a weapon from their enemy.