Reviews: Prince Of The Dark Kingdom

It was ok but...

There are a few things that bothered me about this story besides the obvious errors that others have pointed out. I haven't finished reading yet and I'll agree that with a decent beta reader it could be brought up to standard by Gods there are things that could be solved so easily by googling something that it drives me crazy. For example; "Summerset" being in Wales. 1) It's Somerset and 2) it's not in Wales. Also Luna (Then Diana, then Jane) being possessed by Rhiannon's daughter; I haven't read much Welsh mythology in a while but I don't recall Rhiannon having a daughter. A son, yes. It seems more to me like the author avoids things that might cause a complication in the story regardless of the truth.

The most overrated Harry Potter fic

Yes, everything the above reviewers say it's true. But this fic is held at lower standards that the rest of fanfiction for some reason. I'd assume it's because of every character being bisexual for some reason, and the constant Tumblr pandering (relationship between hero and villain with homosexual undertones).

Honestly? They're not necessarily bad things, but they're overrated tropes, and overused too. The fic relies on the last one too much. The rest of the fic is good, but nothing groundbreaking. Most of it has been done before. Maybe read it if you're new to fanfics, because it's repetitive and too long otherwise.

Worth a Read, But Not Without Flaws

I agree with the previous reviewer, in that the fic is very well written with great characterisation, if slow paced. In fact, I think this is the default setting to most fics with lots of political intrigue and manoeuvring. However, the worldbuilding is spectacular and the relationships of the characters are an enjoyable read, and once the action hits its stride (especially in the later books), this fic will suck you in.

Though, I will say that the author's style of shifting PO Vs in the middle of a conversation can be a little distracting. The fic also has this habit of taking a huge cast of vivid, realistic characters and simply not doing enough with them. This fic is overall still great, and leaves the reader rather thoughful afterwards. Go for it.

Try it, but be warned that it is very, very long

It's incredibly well-written, and I definitely recommend checking it out. Like other reviewers said, reading it is definitely a commitment. In fact...

My only problem with this story is that the pacing and plot are so slow. That's not a bad thing -this fanfiction is in fact one of the best, if not the best, demonstrations of how to make a good story where character interaction, world-building and politics take precedence over just plot, as most fanfictions usually do-, but if you were looking for action, relatively quick resolutions, or just faster development, this isn't the story for you.

The story focuses more on showing the world under Voldemort's rule, how it has affected everyone, and the relationships between all the characters. It is almost beautiful, in how meticulous it is in presenting the setting and its players and their interactions, but it is also its weak point: I gave up after reading twenty-something chapters because, beyond the amazing character interactions, there wasn't much holding my attention there beyond the promise that something would eventually happen, and I didn't have the patience to keep reading when the pacing didn't appear to accelerate much by that point.

I'm still not sure where the plot was going, or if it was going to go somewhere interesting at all, and I think it's a problem that there were only hints of what was going on behind the scenes for twenty-plus chapters, when we should have passed those initial stages by now. At least, it felt like it was still in the initial stages to me. I could very well have missed the plot points, with how subtle the ones I noticed that were there were. Every time I thought something interesting was going to happen, it got quickly shoved aside for more character interaction or it got resolved before it went anywhere. All those false starts were very frustrating.

To be fair, maybe all that was just a side effect of the story simply being so long.

Anyway, while it's not for the impatient, like me, do give it a try, for its interesting and well-written characters and disturbingly well-ruled-by-Voldemort world setting, if anything.

Moved from Comments

Elenor could tell you that it has everything from culture examinations to political intrigue, but that makes it sound like something we've all seen before a hundred times. It's not, its really not. As for how you'll end up feeling about everyone, I think this quote sums it up nicely, "Tonks sighed, and ran a hand through her leopard print hair. She missed the days when you could support your allies with the same enthusiasm you could oppose your enemies."

A strange new world

I really enjoyed it. Voldemort to all intents and purposes has won, there are many new characters but the cannon characters are so changed by events they may as well be OC. This does not harm the story but does make a whole new one, one I enjoyed as much as JKR's. It is however in need of an editor and sometimes the spelling pulling me out of the story as I sat there trying to work out what the sentence was meant to say.But I would recommend it especially for Harry’s and Voldemort’s relationship.

Long reimagining of the canon books

Such a simple nail, what if Harry's parents fled the United Kingdom? It's a very long story not the longest fanfiction out there but as it's not completed and at this time (January 4th, 2011) it's well over 800,000 words; you have a bit of a commitment if you want to read the whole thing. In perspective that's almost as many words as the canon books have up to the point in time. Overall it is a good story and very different plot than most would suspect going into it.