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For the Emperor... and the WIN.
Short but sweet, it somehow goes from poor Cai's Mind Screw over the situation he's somehow found himself in to a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for the Hero of the Imperium. Also features the Emperor calling him an asshole, with just enough seriousness to actually deserve being called a Warhammer 40 K fic. Original Flavor definitely applies.
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Just goes to show that Ciaphas Cain is considered the Hero of the Imperium for a reason. Epic and hilarious.
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op's review
  • Comments: The edition is a little wonky formatting-wise. Get your proper DEATH SMALLCAPS on the original release.
    • Deranged Genius: A fun piece of fluff that's made of win. Though I'm surprised one of the C'Tan didn't get in on the action.
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