Reviews: Part Right Half Wrong A Third Crazy

Comment by Anonymous

Thirded. Candidate for most hilarious fanfiction I've ever read.

Comment by Anonymous

Seconded by this Anon. Every new chapter is like a new trip, the characters and their lives are so well thought-out, everything seems believable. I vaguely recall one reviewer mentioning how well the New York life is being represented, especially the Manhattan-ites who get an awful lot of stereotyping. I can also say, that at least on my end, I've seen the growth in the writing. The most intimidating thing about this story might be it's lenght, but even that seems to dim compared to the quality. And, in my line, every time I finish a chapter, I always feel the need to shout "Why hasn't this person been published yet??"

Comment by SanaMae

Like chocolate covered cocaine. This fic is dramedy in the truest sense of the word, going from heart-wrenching to hilarious and back again. Save The Rave also has a very refreshing writing style; quirky and sarcastic and it works, it really does. the Alternate Character Interpretations are awesome, and I love how hetalia characters are woven into the background of the AU so easily (for example, Hungary and Vietnam work in starbucks). In continuing the gushing about fanfics you like, their problems (Mattie's depression and Alfred's drug addiction), are very well researched and never felt like they were thrown in just to make the story darker. Oh, and Mattie's absolutley batshit, but he's smart, and he gets such awesome lines (See- the whole bit with the lamp and why you should not take it's advice).