Reviews: Magical Girl Ranko vs Z Fighter Ryouga

antvasima's review

I enjoyed both of these. The writer is making a genuine effort with the personas, Ryoga and Ranma are both in perfect character, their mutual feuding/bickering is hilarious, there are plenty of gags, the battle sequences are great, and one of the villains (Jadeite) is a quite insightful/realistic rendition of a real world-style Complete Monster. It also helps that Rowan himself reads as a genuinely nice person, which makes the story more enjoyable. The ending left me with conflicting feelings, but that's a comparatively very minor detail.

Slain's review

Continuing the Crack Fic style, be prepared for hilarity, especially once Ranma goes into the PMGMA training. Being a Magical Girl has never been so tortuous. Oh, and we find out Ryoga's mom is Carmen Sandiego. Explains a lot, actually.