Reviews: Magia Revolution

By Psyga315

It's funny to see people going Oh Crap over the slightest thing (For example, people freaked out over "All seemed well") and try to get the best ending possible despite the fact that this is Madoka Magica we're talking about. It's so frantic that it's funny. To see this in action, see episode 11. One problem is that late in the series, there has been so many spam attacks. And the spams are usually very NSFW.

By Ace Of Scarabs

Despite the disruptive mental presence of Anonymous in the PMMM timeline, the story manages to assert itself and draw the hivemind into it in a most amusing and heartbreaking way. The genre savvy of the Anonymous collective adds to the entertainment value as various facets of the hivemind immediately panic at the slightest hints of Death Flags going up. Even more amusing is how the story-writer paraphrases Gen Urobuchi by claiming that they wish to be a "healing-type" writer.