Reviews: In Memoriam

Comment by Anonymous

The author also has the reincarnated!Nations subjected to a series of tear-inducing scenes, just to show how their ordeal is far from over. Whether it's Hungary bumping into (and passing by) Austria, completely unaware of their past lives or Matthew/Canada, who still turned out to be Alfred's twin, dying in a house fire off-screen, they just don't have a break.

Comment by msq

The story, sadly unfinished, is basically a reincarnation fic, albeit a rather bleak and tearjerking one. The writer did a good job painting both the world, itself described as a dystopic Dieselpunk state at war, and keeping the Nations in character, even though most of them have yet to regain memories of their past selves save for Francis/France. There is also a tinge of greater mystery in how the mess started off in the first place. And how this might relate to the current immortal leaders of their world.