Reviews: In His Shoes

Aryashi's review

This troper realizes she is most likely being redundant, but has decided to comment anyway. This story is really good. Zuko and Sokka are so totally in character it boggles the mind, and the plot is so creative in its conformity to canon. Yes, that sounds contradictive, but you'll understand once you read it. Oh, and FIREBENDING SOKKA IS 20 DIFFERENT TYPES OF AWESOME.


This fic is good. Nice blends of humorous and tragic and desperate without being hopeless. It really looked like this was a Dead Fic for a bit, hopefully it continues.

Vifetoile's review

A recommendation for the characterization and the excellent pacing and plotting.

Shay Guy's review

I particularly liked the way they acted in each others' roles, improvising much more cautiously and intelligently than most Freaky Friday'd characters. Also the examination of matters such as muscle memory.

Tangent128's review

Though as mentioned above there are small divergences, it's surprising how close it manages to stick to the overall canon regardless.

Fish Called Waldo's review

Despite being somewhat dark in places it still has that Avatar sense of humor — Sleep-bending being regarded the same as bedwetting is hilarious — and as interesting moments of You Cant Fight Fate when the story continues like it should for everyone else, despite Zuko and Sokka's actions.

Black Charizard's review

All the characters are spot-on, and when it differs from the canon, it does so creatively. It can be pretty dark and heartbreaking though; unsurprising, given the moment of the story in which the fanfic takes place and the seriousness of their predicament. Still, be warned if you prefer lighter stuff.

Acacia's review

Beautifully executed. Both Zuko and Sokka react realistically to their situation.