Reviews: Discovering Ludwig

Comment by Anonymous

Each to their own, right? I liked it, but if you don't like accents I get it. Just don't read if you don't like accents, it's not necessary to dis the fic just because you don't like one thing.

Comment by Anonymous

I agree. I hate it when heavy accents are added (unless it's canon, like Sweden's mumbling) and the writing of the story wasn't the best I've seen. I dropped it after the first chapter and don't believe it deserves a recommendation.

Comment by BombayKitten

I can't second the rec - the style of "accent" the author's chosen for Germany and Prussia is just egregious and barely readable. The story itself is decent, more or less, apart from some choppy writing, but the accent ruined it for me.

Comment by CheshireGrinne

Lovely story. Keeps you guessing as to what happened, revealing little by little the truth of what really happened to Germany. It's absolutely heartbreaking seeing how our beloved nations have suffered from the mysterious war. Oh, and on a side-note: really I put it under Slash Fic just to be safe. If anyone feels it can be moved, please do so.