Reviews: Dire Fates

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  • Comments: It's mostly a comedy, and plays many things for laughs by pointing out some of the absurdities of both canons, but the story does a great job at mixing the darker world of Hellblazer with the more gentle world of Oh My Goddess and managing to present a result that's wholly convincing. The writing style is quirky and fun, the dialogue is frequently hilarious, and everyone is perfectly in character — and Skuld and Constantine play off each other remarkably well. Highly recommended.
  • There are two sequels, Mortal Fates and Meddling Fates, which cross Oh My Goddess over with, respectively, The Dreaming and Books Of Magic, but they're nowhere near as good as this one, and the authors spend so much time complaining about the source material in their author's notes (The Dreaming sucks, Keiichi and Belldandy suck, Tim Hunter sucks) that you can't help but wonder why they even bothered.