Reviews: Bright Star

An Excellent Example of a Usual Cliche

To those that are familiar with Harry Potter fanfiction, this summary of this fic is probably very familiar. A girl, usually either an American or Frenchwoman, or the daughter of a Death Eater, is Sorted to Gryffindor and befriends the Golden Trio. Fics of this type are usually ignored, for the reason that they are badly written and mere copies of canon. Bright Star is quite different from these. Not only is it excellently written, the OC, Lacerta has much of her characterization intertwined with that of Hermione, and does an excellent job of developing both. Draco Malfoy is also well handled, being neither the leather pantsed version often seen in fanfiction not a total monster, but his canon self, only the reader is treated to a look inside his mind.

All in all, Bright Star is an excellent fic that any fan of Harry Potter fanfiction should read.