Reviews: Be Careful What You Wish For

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  • Hoo,boy, is this shaping up to be epic. In just three chapters, we've already been shown Louise potentially shaping up to be a border manipulator(maybe). Void magic is just as viable a contender, but Rule Of Cool...if so, Oh Crap. Only Yuuka has made an appearance so far on the Touhou side, but seeing as how Louise has been started taking trips into Mugenkan...
  • And now, Yukari has met Louise... And has debunked the border manipulator theory. On the other hand, Louise is learning Danmaku dodging techniques. Also, Cirno, albeit one grown wise in years, is now involved with Louise's training, teaching her about the Laws of Physics and the fun things you can do with them...
  • Reccomendation wholeheartedly seconded - this fic is great. It would be brilliant, even, if only Louise stopped with the internet references - a few snuck when appropos is great. Seemingly having a quota of one or two a chapter, no matter how shoehorned, makes me skip over her lines. Doesn't detract too much though, an YMMV.
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