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Backward With Purpose

Quite good, unfortunately I agree with comments by Clendy82 and Psalm of Fire (from

"The story falls into a trap common to many Peggy Sue fics, and that is to have the protagonists become much more pro-active, with the antagonists becoming reactive. Despite the fact that Death Eaters are dropping left and right, the yearly storylines proceed mostly on schedule with little adaptation."

"So let me get this straight, your great plan was to let the glance=kill basilisk run around the school with all the people you've loved and come back to save? And you think that every person this basilisk encounters is going to be just as lucky as last time and only ever see the filtered/reflected image of the eyes? And you're willing to risk their deaths, their deaths, when there are alternatives? I would call it lazy writing but the author is not lazy. Harry went along with this decision, nay, only contested it for Ginny's sake as if she were the only one at risk."
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  • 30th Jun 13
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Good, But Not Great

It's definitely a good fic, with some nagging little problems that keep it from becoming really great. Other reviewers have pointed out the treatment of causality — it really doesn't make sense that the time-travelers would so meticulously try to re-create the Chamber of Secrets plot in order to get the basilisk-imprented Sword of Gryffindor. Surely there would be other ways of destroying the Horcruxes that didn't involve putting Ginny through the same torture and risking killing dozens of innocent people? A lot of people seem to forget that the basilisk's stare normally kills and that it was sheer marvelous luck that the victims only ended up Petrified and could be revived the first time around. Not to mention, Ginny has to let herself be taken over by the Horcrux for it to work, and how could they know that the act of possession wouldn't clue Tom Riddle in on the fact that it was a plot against him?

I also wonder a bit about some of the characterizations... they're not off, as such, but the secondary characters often seem a bit shallow; like they're acting a certain way because the plot demands it and not because it fits their characterizations. I don't feel for them the way I do in canon.

It did keep my interest to the end, though, which is more than I can say for many other Peggy Sue fics. I'll admit the sequel wasn't anywhere near as engaging, and that's pretty much because Albus Severus Potter (or at least this incarnation of him) just isn't a very interesting character. He worked well enough as the mysterious benefactor in the first story, but he isn't capable of carrying a forty-plus chapter story all on his own. Especially not when the plot turns out to be so repetitive: He goes back in time to change things, but doesn't get the result he wants, so he goes back in time again to change more things, but doesn't get the result he wants, so he goes back in time again to change more things... Yeah, it got dull pretty quickly.

Ultimately, Backwards With Purpose has some neat ideas, and some great touches, and is well-worth a read... just don't expect it to be the Best Thing Ever.

Good, but Could be Better

Overall the story was very well-done, especially in terms of character development. I was especially pleased with the author's different take on Percy, Snape, and the Weasleys as a whole, and how these characters could have acted differently if the circumstances were slightly tweaked.

My one major complaint with this story, though, is that often the author seemed to be bending over backwards to keep the canon timeline intact, even when there was no good reason to do so. There are some situations when it would make sense for the characters to try not to change too much so that they can predict what's coming, but that ceases to be a viable option when it puts others' lives in danger (i.e. the basilisk), and there were other options. Had the author let them be more proactive and explored the consequences of a changing timeline this could have been a great story, on par with NoFP, but as things stand there are a lot of improvements that could have been made.

Review for "Always and Always"

Beautifully written story. The flashbacks were heartbreaking. The one about Luna's death made me cry like a bitch... especially Hermione's dialogue. All three that have returned qualify for woobiedom, especially Harry.

While the reveal was less than surprising, rest of the story was suspenseful. Harry's survival is much more uncertain in this new timeline, despite knowing about the Hallows.

Thankfully not just a sobfest. Every time you hear the words "always and always," you want to hug something. It even has rather funny moments. Highlights included speculating about Umbridge/Voldemort and Sirius losing is bet with James.

Great Time-Travel story, Sequel makes it better

To really appreciate this story, I would highly recommend the sequel as well. It just goes to show how and why everything's a little different. Fantastic characterization all around and the author clearly planned everything out to make this a cohesive story. The only issue I find is how they try to stick to canon too much despite what they're trying to change (2nd year in particular).

Okay story, but the reveal was anticlimactic.

The story was good, but the reveal of the Wise Asp's identity at the end seemed anticlimactic. On a more personal note, I was rather disappointed that Wise Asp's name was not, in fact, a Significant Anagram of Asswipe. =/