Reviews: A Tale of Two Wallets

Comartemis' review

It may not get as much exposure as Comes the Cold Dragon or Ranma and Akane: A Love Story but A Tale of Two Wallets stands at the pinnacle of Ranma fanfiction, especially in the Ranma/Nabiki pairing circle. Also crosses over with Sailor Moon and Ah My Goddess later on with cameo appearances from other series sprinkled here and there, but the story's focus is firmly on the Nerima Wrecking Crew, and the crossovers don't happen in force until a bit less than halfway through the fic's 128 chapters.

I suppose it bears mentioning that this was essentially the first Ranma fic I ever read, so the Nostalgia Filter is most likely in effect to some degree. However I still find it to be a very entertaining action/adventure series regardless of the criticisms, and my recommendation stands in spite of them.

lanky's review

Seems accurate to me. The concept's not bad, and the story begins as something pretty engaging, but the problem is that it hits the fanon pretty hard as regards the Amazons, perhaps even going so far as to codify a few of them. The real problem is not just the tone, as mentioned above, but the dozens of supposedly-related characters with important backstories to the plot which crop up when the premise is Nabiki going back in time. It's not just a story examining Ranma with a twist, it's something completely different to the point of almost being an original story.